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 Hi I'm Monica,
I'm a Pin-Up Girl.
They say cats have nine lives...well I'm on my second.... life's like a Grimm's Fairy Tale.
I’m flamboyant & self created…. I could not smile for the first  half of my life. I had unsightly, awful teeth and got braces myself as an adult. My ortho treatment was complete and my braces came off in 2009.....  now I  love to smile!
Although I’m American born and grew up in Amityville, L.I. my exotic roots are in Suriname, South America where my family is from. I'm multi-racial and our native language is Dutch.
I experience , observe, and question.
Life is school and you learn everyday, it's about knowledge, discovery, reaction, love and freedom..... everything is energy.....
Most of my life was dark, frightening, chaotic, and unstable.I'm a  life long survivor , I was a runaway kid, had my dreams interrupted and survived through living nightmares.I was rebellious in a world that oppressed, mocked ,taunted and teased me.......I was a train wreck that spun out of control, and then I slammed on the brakes..I've dealt with some scary, mean, shady, miserable and phony people in my young life .
 I've achieved the impossible,  recently turned my life around and am currently in recovery. It's like being reborn.
It's the determination to improve your life that helps remedy the experience of life's extremes. It's a jungle out there....
 I always felt like an old soul. I love Vintage, Classic Hollywood, Glamour, Film Noir, history, museums, Art and Pin-Up Culture .Don’t get me wrong, I do like some modern things but there’s a sexy sassy sophistication and mystery that seems to have gotten so lost in our digital age, and if history isn’t kept alive will slip away into the background to disappear behind the drone of computers, electronics and technology.
I enjoy action films, comics and graphic novels; I’ll ride a roller coaster or jump on a motorcycle. I dare to dream, take risks and attempt to achieve the impossible. Human and animal rights are important to me. I believe that your soul and inner voice guide you, if you make a point to listen. I applaud and have great respect for those who are brave enough to just be themselves, regardless of “ society “. My diverse taste in music and culture enriches my life and my passion for living inspires me to be my best. If the” real” world reflected what was going on in my imagination, it would be a Technicolor Fantasy...... I believe that everything in life needs to have significance and meaning or else there's no point to it. Your intentions direct you down the road of life.
I love music, make -up, shoes, spicy food, lingerie and fashion. Even on a casual day, it's what you wear underneath that can make you feel sexy.
I embrace my mystery and sensuality. ....... Live is rich when lived passionately.... know when to behave like a lady and when to be a tiger..
I have always felt magnetically drawn to the Pinup culture. . Pin-Up is being yourself amplified.... an art form...Each picture captures the magic of a mood and a moment, and sometimes tells you a story Pin up is strong, glamorous, sexy, dramatic and animated.
What makes it so powerful is its playful sensuality. Pin up Art hints and winks at provocative without being vulgar. The best pictures come to life...
I live for music, classic film,glamour, vintage clothing and jewelry I love Ziegfeld Follies and icons such as Josephine Baker, Billie Holiday,Nina Simone, Prince, Grace Jones,Jayne Mansfield, Bettie Page, Kate Bush, Sade, Cher, Vanessa Daou, M.I.A.,Bjork,Stevie Nicks ,Madonna and Marlene Dietrich. Art by legends such as Gil Elvgren, George Petty,Dan Decarlo & Bill Ward. I love to go to Comic shops and discover Pinup art books and magazines ,or drift away in my imagination and get lost in music. I'm intrigued by mystery & horror... such as Alfred Hitchcock & The Twilight Zone..I absorb myself in movies & books that provoke thought and emotion.
Vintage pinup is classic sassy and sultry where modern pinup adds rock and roll edginess. With pin up becoming more popular the elements are becoming more mixed and diverse and the most unique images are emerging.
I’m so happy that glamour is making a comeback. It’s empowering to the feminine spirit and female image. Pinup has character and panache. I am proud to be a part of this powerful alluring and feminine culture. .there's much more to be accomplished creatively and I'm just getting started.........
I love to create, laugh, love and dream. I never say no to dessert and ride the roller coaster in the front car
Love yourself...don't let anyone or anything dictate your self esteem.

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